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Cabin to sleep in vilcabamba, Cuador

Cabin Description

Casa de Loma

The Casa de Loma is the perfect option for families, groups, or retreats, especially those who place a high value on breathtaking, panoramic views. Depending upon the demand, the house can also be rented to singles and couples on a dormitory-style basis. This charming wooden structure is perched atop a steep hill that overlooks the entire property, and the lush green valley which surrounds it. It consists of a fully-equipped kitchen, dining table, casual living space, two separate compost toilets with bidets, and one hot-water shower.


Though modern in it’s its amenities, the Treehouse is a uniquely quaint rental option. It is ideal for those who wish to rest nestled among the trees and medicinal gardens, in close proximity to the magnificent Chamba River. The building contains three separate bedrooms. It has a fully-equipped, shared kitchen, and a shared bathroom with hot-water bathtub and shower, compost toilet, and bidet. At the base of the structure, you will find a modern washer and a clothesline you may use at any time.

If you are looking for a beautiful place in the middle nature, with stunning views, a dorm with six beds (sleeping up to seven people), is also available. It comes with composting toilets, a hot shower, lounge, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Chambalabamba would be very happy to welcome you!

To stay in Chambalabamba, you need to ask for availability through our website or by phone. We offer this space per bed or for the whole cabin.


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Cabin Facilities

  • Three bedrooms with shared bathroom and fully-equipped kitchen.
  • Bathroom facilities provide two toilets and one shower.
  • Five hundred and thirty-eight square feet of space with high ceilings.
  • You are welcome to walk in the gardens and enjoy the swimming pond with its small beach.
  • The Maloka is a round, open building (40 feet in diameter and 22 feet high). It is used for our communal meals and workshops.
  • WiFi is available throughout the property or may be disconnected.
  • Community stage is fully equipped for sound, music, theater, dance, and circus performances. The stage also has a vertical curtain that serves for acrobats or children’s play.


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